Optional courses

The Eduki Foundation invites teachers to organize a program of visits and debates in various international organizations, based on a pre-defined theme, over a semester or a year. Alternating between classroom courses and outings, the program offers a comprehensive overview of the many players in international cooperation.

An optional course on international relations

ONU option complémentaire

The Eduki Foundation, together with Secondary II teachers, organizes the complementary option "meeting with Geneva International". It can be spread over 1 or 2 semesters and deal with one or more themes of international relations.

It is chosen, in agreement with the teacher, that between 1 and 3 themes of the international cooperation are to be progressively studied. For each theme, presentations are organized in international and non-governmental organizations. Each time, an expert on the theme presents their organization and their work. The presentation of the expert is preceded by a course of preparation carried out in class by the teacher.

Extract from a semester "meeting with Geneva International" on the theme "agriculture and development"

Lesson 1 Introduction to International Geneva. Classroom lesson.
Lesson 2 Preparation on "Agriculture and development". Classroom lesson.
Lesson 3 Meeting with an expert from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Class outing.
Lesson 4 Cours développé sur l’agriculture et le développement. Cours en classe.
Lesson 5 Meeting with an expert from the Swiss Mission to the World Trade Organization. Class outing.
Lesson 6 Meeting with a spokesperson from a multinational food company. Class outing.
Lesson 7 Oral examination of classroom lessons and external visits.

Other possible themes

Human rights
Economy, Labor and Development
International Geneva
Professions in International cooperation
Humanitarian aid, Refugees and Migration


Internet, post and telecommunications
Peace and Disarmament
Population, culture and education
Intellectual property
Science and research
United Nations System

Non-exhaustive list

Students are strongly encouraged to prepare questions in advance.

The thematic files available (French only) on our website make it easier to get information about the issues that will be discussed.

One week before each visit, topical links to the theme will be sent to participants by e-mail.