With UN@School, Eduki and UN Geneva invite you to discover the United Nations’ work by hosting a UN expert in class or by video-conference call.



Organize a in-class debate on the present and future challenges of the United Nations and international cooperation, by hosting a UN expert in your classroom (possible only in Geneva and subject to health restrictions) or by video-conference call  (rest of Switzerland).

After having provided a 30 to 40 minutes presentation, the expert will respond to the students’ questions. Please find below a selection of hand-outs and resources to prepare the topic with your class.

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Useful Resources for Teachers: 

•    Essential information about the UN

•    Official website of the United Nations

•    The Sustainable Developpement Goals - Official United Nations website

•    The Worlds largest lesson (teaching material) -  United Nations and Unicef website

•    Global issues - Eduki Foundation webpage on topics in international cooperation 


Issue briefs

In order to give context to some of the challenges our world faces, the following fact sheets can be helpful in preparing students for discussion.

•    Impact of digital technologies

•    Conflit and violence: a new era

•    Inequality- Bridging the divide

•    The Climate crisis: a race we can win

•    Shifting demograhics