Humanitarian Aid

How can we provide aid to populations in danger during wars, armed conflicts, natural or technological disasters? Discover the issues relating to humanitarian aid as well as the role of some of the international intitutions that operate in this field thanks to our resources.

Humanitarian Aid

Documents to download

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Humanitarian Aid
L'aide humanitaire
UN | fr | File (PDF)
Humanitarian Aid
DH : L'aide humanitaire, les déplacements forcés et les mouvements migratoires
UNAIDS | fr | File (PDF)
Humanitarian Aid
Humanitäre Hilfe
UN | de | File (PDF)
Humanitarian Aid

What are the principles on which International Humanitarian law are based?

  • Eduki-icone-migrants

    Humanity, distinction, proportionality

  • Eduki-icone-coeur

    Help, love, friendship

  • Eduki-icone-argent

    Strength, courage, money

Humanitarian Aid


Here you will find interesting videos that will help you understand the issue of Humanitarian Aid.