Data protection privacy statement

Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust is very valuable to us. We therefore take great care in protecting your personal data and we process them according to the laws in force.

Personal data include all indications and information about a person which is identifiable or identified. Contact information such as names, phone numbers, postal address or email address as well as other information that you give us such as birth dates are part of personal data.

In the frame of this data protection policy statement, personal data processing is to be understood as any operation related to those data. Data storage, data processing, data use and data deletion are part of it.

By agreeing to the statement, you allow us to process your personal data in accordance with the law on data protection and the following provisions.

1. Responsibility

This data protection privacy statement applies to Fondation Eduki, located at Route de Ferney 106, 1202 Genève, Switzerland.

Fondation Eduki is responsible for the processing of your data. You can contact us anytime by post to this address:

Fondation Eduki
Route de Ferney 106
1202 Genève

Or by email to:

2. Data processing

We are aware that you attach great importance to a careful processing of your personal data.

Therefore, the collection, storage and processing of your personal data are made in the sole purpose of accomplishing our mission of information and raising awareness. For instance, we use your data to send you information regarding our activities, to deliver orders and contracts and to answer your questions and requests.

We thereby do not engage in any form of marketing activities and all the personal data that we possess are not communicated to anyone or any third organisation nor are they sold for commercial purpose.

2.1 Website

It is possible to have a look at our website without providing any personal information.

Our website gives you the opportunity of creating and managing your own user space. The data collected in the user space are the following:

  • Title
  • Name, Surname
  • Canton (Switzerland)
  • Date of birth
  • School or institute
  • Email address

2.2 Google analytics

In order to constantly create and optimise the content of our website we use analytics services of Google Analytics. To find out more about Google commitment to data protection have a look at their website specially created for this matter:

To find out how you can bring the use of your data to an end follow the instructions on the following website

2.3. Social plugins

We also use social plugins on our website. Plugins can be recognised thanks to the logo of the corresponding social media. All the plugins are set up according to the double-click process. The corresponding plugin will only be activated when clicking on the provider’s icon.

If you wish to prevent Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to connect the data collected on our website to your personal profile on the corresponding social media you need to log out of the aforesaid social media before visiting our website. It is also possible to completely prevent the loading of plugins by using add-ons made for your browser such as “NoScript” ( or “Ghostery” (

2.4. MailChimp

To send its newsletters Fondation Eduki uses a system that permits to analyse statistics of users without collecting any information related to personal data. To find out more about MailChimp’s commitment to data protection have a look at their website:

3. Your rights regarding your personal data

You have the right to receive free written information regarding your personal data that we process. You also have the right to demand the correction of inaccurate personal data. You can also ask for the deletion of your personal data as long as we are not legally required or legally allowed to keep some data.

The information related to your rights regarding our processing of personal data in the scope of application of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are to be found in paragraph 6 of the Declaration of data protection (EU/EEA) available on the following link:

4. Modification of this statement of data protection

We reserve the right to modify and complete this statement at any time and according to our own will. The statement uploaded on our website is valid.


Last update: 11.03.2019