The Arch of Palmyra in the program of our guided tours

From April 12 to 27, Geneva will be hosting a reproduction of the Arch of Palmyra (Syria) on the Place des Nations. The original monument was destroyed in 2015 by the "Islamic State" terrorist group, this reproduction printed thanks to 3D imaging will allow students to understand the importance of preserving historic monuments and learn more about the theme of peace. The Arch will be present in Geneva as part of the International Conference on the Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict, which will take place from 25 to 26 April 2019 in Geneva. This conference organized by UNESCO is hosted and supported by the Swiss Confederation.

For this occasion, Eduki is offering eight special guided tours to the first classes who register (secondary I or II)! Follow the link below and register to take advantage of exclusive explanations about the Arch and the history of International Geneva. The offer is valid for Friday 12 April, Monday 15 April, Tuesday 16 April and Wednesday 17 April.

Since several years, Eduki organise guided tours for classes around the Place des Nations. Students will discover the main actors of international cooperation based in Geneva and fascinating anecdotes about their work. The guided tour is on foot and the content is adapted to the age of the students. A tour lasts one hour to 1h30 (depending on your availability).

You aren’t free on the indicated dates but would still like to take advantage of our special guided tours for Secondary I and II? Contact us!

Les ruines de Palmyre, Syrie, 2009.