Language Exchanges

A language exchange program is an enjoyable way to meet a class from a different canton and linguistic area. An active meeting game, a guided tour, and a visit to an international organization are organized to encourage communication between pupils.

Meeting between classes from different cantons

Languages Exchanges

The Eduki Foundation offers a language exchange on the theme of international Geneva. Through a guided walking tour, students will learn the history of some of the main international organizations based in Geneva. In the afternoon, one of the visits will give them the opportunity to understand the work done in international cooperation and its impact on our daily lives. Two games will be carried out at the beginning of the day and during lunch break so that classes can interact and exchange on this theme. Finally, students will be given notebooks to do activities during their journey. This will allow them to take notes of new notions on language exchange and International Geneva.


Program (10 am to 4 pm)

  • Bilingual meeting game
  • Bilingual guided tour of International Geneva
  • Picnic and quiz on International Geneva
  • Visit the International Museum of the Red Cross  and Red Crescent or the United Nations Office in Geneva (Palais des Nations)

In the afternoon: which tour to choose?

International Museum of the Red Cross  and Red Crescent

The Humanitarian Adventure exhibition offers a unique experience and an initiation to humanitarian action. Through three spaces, you will explore three major current challenges: defending human dignity, rebuilding family ties and limiting natural hazards. An Interactive Chronology spans 150 years of humanitarian history, while the focus on current affairs presents Red Cross and Red Crescent operations around the globe.


United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG)

The United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) is the largest United Nations center after the UN headquarters in New York. The visit includes (according to the meetings of the day): the Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations Room, decorated by the famous artist Miquel Barcelò; The "Salle des pas perdus", from which one can see the monument commemorating the conquest of space; the Assembly Hall, the largest room in the Palais des Nations.



Before the meeting, it is imperative that the students already correspond to get to know each other. In addition, in order to optimize the exchange, a preparation is recommended.


  • The picnic is at the students' expense.
  • Contact us for details about the prices of the visits.

Proposed program by:

Republique et Canton de Genève

Department of Public Education, Training and Youth - Language exchange and mobility

The procedure

  1. Inscriptions through the Public Education Department of the Geneva Canton to find an exchange class.
  2. Once the partner school is made known, you can register for the International Day with Eduki, and propose two alternative dates. The Eduki Foundation can, in theory, take care of three registrations per semester.
  3. Once the programme has been defined, submit the programme to the EL&M office for validation, this is particularly important if it is necessary to apply for any financial support.
  4. Get students familiar with the vocabulary of International Geneva and start correspondencing with the exchange class.
  5. Order activity booklets for both classes (through the Public Education Department of Geneva).