The Educational Approaches and Values of the Eduki Competition

The Competition is aligned with several educational approaches such as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Education for Global Citizenship (ECM). As a result, the Eduki team is endeavouring to take the three pillars of sustainable development into account as far as possible through a range of approaches:


  • We are limiting the number of printed posters and flyers and instead encourage electronic sharing. When printing is deemed necessary, we use recycled paper. 
  • We encourage the consumption of local and seasonal products and tap water (e.g. during the awards ceremony).


  • As with its other activities, Eduki seeks to highlight the educational and inclusive value of the Competition. Students from all levels and educational backgrounds are invited to the ceremony to encourage interaction. 
  • The themes of the Competition are highly interdisciplinary, enabling collaboration between different fields. 
  • The Competition is an opportunity to put young people and their skills in the spotlight and to encourage their participation, by allowing them to be the main actors in the ceremony. 
  • As well as the awards ceremony, it’s important for us to showcase the work of young people. That’s why we are once again organising an exhibition at the Palais des Nations at the UN in Geneva, where the best works in the artistic and media production categories will be on display.


  • The prizes, generously donated by public and private partners who are committed to sustainable development, are vouchers for the purchase of school equipment, cultural activities or joint sports or leisure activities (class outings). 
  • Where possible, we support class trips to attend the awards ceremony. Contact Eduki if you are interested: