Humanitarian Aid, Refugees and Migration: in a changing world

In 1859, the Geneva businessman Henry Dunant, horrified by the violence of the fighting he witnessed at the Battle of Solferino (Italy), organized emergency relief. In 1863, he created the International Committee of the Red Cross, which is at the origin of a long humanitarian tradition for Switzerland. Wars, persecutions or famines often result in large movements of people that need to be protected in often complicated situations. More broadly, the migratory phenomenon has multiple causes whose common point is the hope for a better life.

Humanitarian Aid, Refugees and Migration

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Humanitarian aid, refugees and migration Dossier Humanitaire, réfugiés et migrations add
Humanitarian Aid, Refugees and Migration

What are the principles on which International Humanitarian law are based?

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    Humanity, distinction, proportionality

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    Help, love, friendship

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    Strength, courage, money

Humanitarian Aid, Refugees and Migration


Here you will find interesting videos that will help you understand the migration phenomena and Humanitarian Aid.