Environment: committing to preserve it

Biodiversity, sustainable development, pollution, desertification, GMOs, global warming: here are some of the topics addressed by International Cooperation to preserve the environment. Indeed, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the organizations present at the International Environment House as well as many NGOs in Geneva work together to preserve the natural resources essential to life on Earth.


Documents to download

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Environment Dossier Environnement add
Environment Fiche Environnement add
Environment Fiche d'activités Environnement add
Environment Dossier Développement durable (Hors série) add
Sustainable Development Goals Dossier Les Objectifs de développement durable (Hors série) add

Among these proposals which are the major water issues?

  • Eduki-icone-hydro

    Treatment, dams and production

  • Eduki_icone-soleil

    Freshness, cleanliness and clarity

  • Eduki-icone-eau

    Preservation, quality and access



Here you will find interesting videos that will help you better understand environmental issues.