Competition 2019/2020

Competition 2019/2020 and Françoise Demole Award

Competition 2019/2020 and Françoise Demole Award

Eduki is pleased to announce that the theme for the 2019/2020 national competition will be Peace

Ideed, the competition will focus on the sixteenth Sustainable Development Goal dedicated to achieving a more peacful society for all. This year, participants in our compteition also have the opportunity to apply for the Françoise Demole Award. The best projects submitted will have the opportunity to be realized. The award will be officially launched with the opening of registrations for the competition in September 2019.

2019/2020 Competition

The competition is for all children and young people from schools in Switzerland (from primary to secondary level) and is organized under the high patronage of the General Director of the United Nations Office in Geneva.

This upcoming edition coincides with the celebrations of 100 years of multilateralism in the lakeside City. Indeed, in 1919 the Versailles Treaty was ratified by establishing the League of Nations in Geneva in 1920. Many other organisations working for a peaceful world later joined the League of Nations and contributed to Geneva’s name: The Capital of Peace.

Peace is therefore the ideal theme for the next Eduki national competition.

But what does peace mean according to the Sustainable Development Goal n°16?

Goal 16 seeks to promote the advent of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development and to ensure access to justice for all by establishing institutions at all levels that are efficient, responsible and available to all.

Sustainable peace integrates access to justice and equality to all inhabitants of the planet. So how to reach it and how can we contribute to it?

Participating in the contest will allow participants to:

  • Reflect on what makes a sustainable peace.
  • Learn how everyone can contribute at their level to the achievement of a peacful society.
  • Contribute towards reaching SDG 16 by formulating messages and imagining concrete actions for peace.

Modalities of participation:

  • The competition can be entered individually, by group, by class or by establishment.
  • Participants can present projects in three categories: artwork, media, concrete action.

Interested in participating? Start thinking about your project and register on our website in September 2019! A complete calendar is available below.


Françoise Demole Award

The Award aims to help realize sustainable development projects imagined by young people from schools in Switzerland and in relation with International cooperation.

The award grants financial support to one or more outstanding projects submitted to the Eduki competition and that has a relation with one or more actors engaged in the competition’s theme * (International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations).

Registrations to the Françoise Demole Award will open at the same time as the Eduki competition in September 2019. More information on the conditions for submitting projects will be available soon on our website.

*Project applications for the award must belong to the « Concrete Action » category and be realized in principle by secondary level II students aged around 16 to 19.



1st September 2019: Registrations are open for Eduki competition and the Françoise Demole Award

29th February 2020:  Deadline for submitting applications for the competition and award

29th April 2020: Eduki competition Awards ceremony


Diagram of participation in the competition and Françoise Demole Award.